Names Have Been Changed to Protect the Innocent

From Drunken Makeout to True Love

Rave Scenes and Roadside Assistance

Movie Date at the Video Liquidators Theatre

Finding True Love at Sex Addicts Anonymous

Travis’s Face

Naughty Secretary Wishes and Caviar Dreams

Roofies At Sunset

The Gay Bar: Unadulterated Back Door Access

The Sex Drive

Facebook Fucks

The Craigslist Orgy

Asshole in Sheep’s Clothing

Booty Call Me Maybe

How to Get F’ed Up for Free: The Lackawanna Scene

Dicks, Diners, and Drives

Inside the Boulevard Motel

Beat the Winter Blahs – Craigslist Style!

Giving & Receiving

The Silver Fox

Pleading Guilty To Love

Tragic Mike

Dick Fuzz

Great Expectations

All Dogs Go to Heaven, All Cats Go to Hell

Splitting the Bill in a Post-Feminist World

Valentine’s Day: What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Working the Corner in Niagara Falls


Memories of Last Weekend

Waking Up On Wednesday

It Started With A Syringe

The Pain. The Torture. The Foreplay.

Doomed Chemistry

Filthy Confessions

Submitted For Your Approval

How to Have Sex in Church (and Get Away With It)

The Blind Leading the Blind(fold): How to Spot Serial Killers on Dating Apps

Romantic Retardation*in the clinical sense of the word

Murray’s Return

No Ifs, Ands, Or Big Fat Butts

House of Tards

Movie Santas I’d Like To F**k

Cupid, Cuckolds, and the Cherry on Top

The Slut Diaries: Part I

The Sunshine State Affair

Lifestyles of the Rich and the Homeless

Abducted in Poughkeepsie

Comfortably Dumb

Hot Spring TV – Just 4 U

Always a Side, Never a Bride

Enmeshed in Mess

Urban Exploration (photography series)

Smooty’s Funeral

Please, Stand By

Couch Surfin’ All Over the World

Couch Surfin’ All Over the World: Part Two

Couch Surfin’ All Over the World: Part Three

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